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Are you interested in purchasing a horse, but don't know where to start, or do you have a certain horse in mind but aren't sure if it is sutable for you or your family? So many times we have seen a horse purchased on a whim, without the care taken to look into the background of the horse, the health of the horse or whether the horse is suitable for the needs of the new owner.

What if you are selling a horse but don't want it to go to the wrong home or don't know what key sale attributes should be pointed out?

Purchasing or selling a horse can be stressful and overwhelming. It is a large investment of time and money so why not take someone with you who has the experience and knowledge to help you make a better decision.

Kristina Millar has over 25 years experience in buying, selling, breeding and working with horses of every shape and size. She is well versed in breeds, health issues, training and attitude problems. She will work hard for you to find the horse or new home that suits your personality and needs.



  • Visual inspection for obvious signs of health (both physical and mental) problems.
  • Assessment of the horse to determine its level of training and suitability for new owner.
  • Assess whether all sale points put forth by previous owners are true and correct.
  • Access to Kristinas knowledge, experience and equestrian networks.
  • Assess property for horse suitability and assist with creating a plan for setting up fencing, electric fencing, shelter and feed structures.


  • Evaluate a sale horse to provide and estimate on worth and key sale attributes.
  • Show sale horse to potential buyers in order to emphasise key attributes.
  • Meet with potential buyers to assess suitability.
  • Access to Kristinas knowledge, experience and equestrian networks.


Please call (250) 589-5981or email for inquiries and pricing